Brendan Barry

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Workshop: Constructed Observations

The camera as we know it now, started as a box, but before that it was a room, utilised by artist such as Johanne Vemeer and Leonardo DaVinci to aid, allegedly, in the creation of paintings. Its origins however can be traced back further, perhaps even to Plato’s cave. Over the last few thousand years the camera has developed in many exciting and revolutionary ways, however it is still essentially a box, or a room.

In this workshop we will be constructing a camera obscura, converting it into a giant camera, setting up a darkroom inside and working with it to capture what we can observe and/or construct in front of it using traditional analogue black and white processes. We will explore the boundaries of our understanding and unpick our preconceptions of what a camera is, what it can do and how one can be constructed, inviting an audience into having a transformative experience in the space in order to create an environment for observing the outside world and reflecting on how we perceive it when seen in a different way.


Brendan Barry’s creative photographic practice combines elements of construction, education, performance and participation and is mostly concerned with the transformation of different objects and environments into spaces capable of viewing and capturing a photographic image, using the mechanics of photography as a tool for exploration and collaboration. Basically he transforms things into cameras - from a lift or empty shop, to a pineapple or old log. The nature of each camera he creates precipitates a certain type of picture and reaction from the audience. His work is playful in essence but working in this way allows the opportunity for meaningful relationships to build and experiences to be had.