Jason Evans

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Workshop: Ant Pictures

Jason Evans’ workshop encourages participants to experience  Dartmoor from a different perspective. Relationships between still life and landscape are up for discussion.  Supportive relationships between participants are important, as are mistakes. 

As well as camera(s) of your choice you are required to bring at least 3 objects from this list: a round thing; a shiny thing; a geometric thing; an orange thing; a thing made from plastic.

plus a small mirror, a ball of string/wool and a sun hat. Binoculars are also useful, though not essential.


This is a biography of the Welsh photographer Jason Evans, written in January 2019 when he was 50 years old. There is a likelihood that it will differ from previous and future biographies. It is not useful to try and pin his work down to any one genre or aesthetic, as he has experienced time in the editorial, art and music industries alongside periods where his focus was education or curation. He has  a keen eye for colour,  but is equally comfortable working in monochrome. His works on the page are complimented by long term online presences. His photographic exhibits usually feature sculptural elements. He is a restless soul, easily distracted by a willingness to learn from the people and places he finds along the way and if we had to use one adjective to describe Evans it would have to be curious.