Sian Davey

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Workshop: Presence as an Inquiry

My workshops will be focused on our relationship to our practice. You will bring your existing work to use only as a platform to explore the bigger inquiry of how did we get here and perhaps where do we want to go. Rarely do we have the use of a group to witness our process and bring into consciousness what was previously unknown. Over the course of the day through conversation and exercises we can explore the themes of presence, spiritual and emotional inquiry often blocked by the over conceptualising of our world which can serve to block our creativity. The group process can serve as opportunity to liberate the heart and take us where we need to go. 


Following a career as a psychotherapist in private practice, British photographer Sian Davey launched a career in photography in 2014, drawing on her experiences as a psychotherapist and mother to inform her practice. . Her work is an investigation of the psychological, and social landscapes of both herself and those around her. Her family and community are central to her work.  Notable series include works that focus on the lives of her children individually, from an exploration of the experience of her daughter Alice, who has Down syndrome, to a documentation of the life of her teenage daughter Martha and her friends.