Susan Derges

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Workshop: Field Work

We will be exploring an intimate and tactile approach to photographing the land and it’s connection to ourselves by focusing on the minutiae of a place, much in the way that ecologists might select a small section of the environment to look at in great detail. This workshop however will be unscientific, in that we will be playing with, experimenting with and experiencing the various aspects of light, shade, transparency and opacity that are used to make an image of something, that also has the potential to communicate an inner resonance with the what has been seen. There will be paper, chemistry, dark room tents and the possibility of converting your digital SLR to a pinhole camera and more.


Susan Derges works with imagery taken from the natural world and its relationship to themes of self and consciousness in science, psychology, spirituality and the imagination. Her work has been exhibited and collected worldwide. She spent 6 years working in Japan during the early 1980’s during which time she developed the camera-less photographic techniques for which she is now known, which have more recently been exhibited in the 4 person survey show “Shadow Catchers “ at the V&A London, 2010 with an accompanying publication. A major body of work based on the River Taw was exhibited widely during the 1990’s. A new body of work, “Mortal Moon”, will be on show at the Greenwich Maritime Museum Queens Palace this spring through end of 2019.